In order to heal a wound, first you need to get the bullet out; in order to repair a vase, all the dust and dirt needs to be removed. In order to move on, you need to say ‘farewell’ to your guilt and forgive one person you always find most difficult to forgive: yourself. Whatever you did in the past is history now; all amends are made and there’s no point of looking back. We created this collection to remind everyone: when we forgive ourselves we don’t give our past the power to haunt us.
A quiet inner voice that gets us through the hardest moments; the heart whispering the right answer when it seems to be no one; a sudden epiphany, turning darkness into light: the process of Kintsugi is impossible without intuition. This collection celebrates our ‘Sixth Sense’ that shows us the way even in the blackest of nights.
Time mends broken hearts and rebuilds cities from the ashes; it offers the consolation to inconsolable and constantly reminds us of its most treasured wisdom: ‘This too shall pass’. Going through Kintsugi process means respecting your pace and having patience for a change for the better to happen: slowly, but inevitably.
After all the personal disasters that have happened along the way, still welcoming the world with open arms isn’t foolishness, but ultimate bravery. Don’t be ashamed of your hope for the best: it’s your greatest gift and an immense source of power. Sometimes things just work out — and we’ve made the collection so you’d never forget about this.
Once deceived, we may find it hard to trust again. But regaining the ability to trust at least ourselves is an essential part of healing. The path of Kintsugi reminds us that confidence in the world around us starts within us. Trusting your own decisions, actions and, above all, feelings — this what this collection is about.
In order to protect our wounded heart we often try to hide it away. Ironically, the only real way to let it heal is to wear the heart on the sleeve. We made this collection, because we believe that vulnerability is magic. Be sad, be angry, be scared, be happy. Ask for help and talk about your feelings. The world deserves to see the real you.
Painful past holds a key to a happier future. Difficult memories aren’t meant to torture — they designed to heal. The essential part of Kintsugi is to stop running away from trauma and let it be your teacher — so when pain subsides, it would leave only priceless experience in its wake.


No more ‘better versions of yourself’; no more challenges to finally fall in love with the reflection in the mirror; no more fights to prove to the world you deserve to be happy. This collection — is an ultimate hymn to acceptance. War is over, and you won. You are perfect, you are visible, and you are already enough. Rediscover your life step by step and watch how the cracks in your heart, so painful in the past, are now filled with gold.